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At Elite Spine, we are thankful to have great patient success stories with a variety of conditions such as: headaches, neck pain, dizziness/vertigo, back pain, sciatica, numbness, and joint pains in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. We have a variety of treatment protocols, many of which are extremely gentle and geared toward improved joint biomechanics and pain relief. We have also added a number of cutting edge laser technologies to our office for a pain-free approach to treating many different conditions. Check out videos and information under our services tab.

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Allison StullAllison Stull
14:16 23 Apr 22
I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Ferris and his staff. After a whiplash injury received during a near crash airplane landing, I had been suffering with debilitating constant head, neck, back pain and tinnitus for 4 years before meeting Dr. Ferris. I had been seen by specialists at Duke University and multiple neurologists, who diagnosed me with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, and were treating me with multiple pharmaceuticals, which then added multiple side effects to deal will, but nothing was ever relieving, or masking, the pain 100%, and the tinnitus was unwavering in its severity. I had also been treated by a local to me chiropractor for a time, but to no avail. After the first adjustment from Dr. Ferris, I felt a 50%-60% improvement in pain, and the tinnitus volume was reduced for the first time in 4 years, by 75%. I am continuing to see improvements, and have days without any pain at all now. I live in Kentucky, so I travel almost 3 hours each way for each appointment, but it is more than worth it to get my life back. Dr. Ferris, Julia, and Rae are truly caring, wonderful people to work with, and have been so helpful. I thank the Lord for his provisions, and in leading me to Dr. Ferris.
I give them an A+. I was rear-ended by a trash truck which disabled me. Dr. Matthew Ferris and staff go out of their way to show that they are caring and want to help. He went out of his way to get me an appointment quickly. That was very much appreciated. They are very nice people. Dr. Ferris is one of the very few doctors in the entire state of Indiana that is in the upper echelon of patient care … there are only a very small handful of doctors in the entire state that are even aware of advanced ligament analysis studies, or CRMA. If you have been in a car accident, then you want to get your ligaments analyzed. If you are not getting this done, then you are not getting anywhere near the level of quality of care that you deserve. Dr. Ferris also has an excellent healing touch. Food for thought
Angie BudayAngie Buday
19:25 09 Dec 21
Dr. Ferris and his team have helped me tremendously from my very first visit. I was suffering from burning mouth and my doctor and dentist could not find anything wrong. I researched for countless hours and came upon Elite Spine. Dr. Ferris started me on PT, lasers and tiny adjustments to my upper cervical region. After my first visit, my symptoms were almost gone. This team has been a lifesaver. Plus, they are all so professional and friendly!
Keith DisbroKeith Disbro
14:49 11 Aug 21
I have been going to Chiropractor care for years due to significant injuries, herniated S1, L4, L5, T7 with protrusion from T6 & 8, collapsed c1 with rotated hips, neck dropping. I went to places where they wanted to sell you everything under the sun and run a pack them in program. Exhausted with level of care, I was referred to Elite Spine and it's been life changing to say the least. Surgery was the only thing left on the table since I'm allergic to pain meds. If this sound like you, stop reading, schedule an appointment and get on with it. Life can be super once again. Yes it's going to hurt and Yes you will at times wonder if it's the right thing. Yes, keep going, you're being moved back over the area's where you are still not aligned, so it's going to hurt at times. It's part of the process. If there were 10 Stars to provide, I would! Truly helpful.Thank you Doc! Staff is compassionate and helpful!
Shawn AllenShawn Allen
17:40 09 Mar 21
Working with Dr. Ferris has been so far beyond what I expected. My neck mobility has increased, the curvature of my spine is closer to how it should be, my knees and arthritic thumbs consistently feel better. The resources available to me thru Elite Spine, shoe inserts to help keep my hips in-line, massage table for after treatments, laser therapy, pillows and most importantly, the adjustments I've gotten, have been wonderful. So glad I started finally seeing a chiropractor at age 52.
Sidney ParrishSidney Parrish
17:19 01 Feb 21
I am so happy I found Dr. Ferris and his team at Elite Spine! I found him through a coworker, who explained that Dr. Ferris specializes in cervical chiropractic care and had been the key to relieving her chronic neck pain and migraines. I thought I would give chiropractic care a try since I had been experiencing upper neck and middle back pain as well as some right elbow pain and stiffness, especially after long work days. I’m so glad I listened to her recommendation! Dr. Ferris did a physical assessment along with x-rays and explained his findings and how they correlated to my problem areas. I am now 5 weeks in to my 6-week treatment plan that includes daily exercises, twice weekly adjustments and laser therapy, as well as using neck and foot orthotics. My elbow and middle back pain is completely gone and my neck pain has gotten so much better! Dr. Ferris has been kind and professional during all of my visits and Julia has also done a wonderful job of making me comfortable and walking me through my exercises. The team has also taken extra precautions to keep everyone that visits their facility safe during the pandemic. Elite Spine has certainly improved my quality of life!
19:06 27 Jan 21
Dr. Ferris has helped me tremendously with my c1 and c2 chronic cervical pain. The laser treatments, physical therapy and painless adjustments on my neck have almost completely gotten rid of my neck pain, my migraines and my sinus problems. I recommend Dr Ferris/Elite Spine to anyone having migraines, sinus problems and of course neck and back pain. Dr Ferris and the staff are very friendly and very accommodating with last minute appointments as well. I highly recommend Dr Ferris/Elite Spine.
Angela EstepAngela Estep
15:48 19 Nov 20
We recently found Dr. Ferris, and are so thankful we did!! We had been driving for 10 years to Ohio to an upper cervical chiro. It is very hard to find Dr's trained in this type of care. We actually love the way he adjusts us so much better. We can already feel improvement in the way he is caring for us. He is extremely thorough, easy to communicate with, and truly understands the body and how to get any pain you are experiencing under control. He is always there to accommodate anything you need or any time schedule. I have truly appreciated his genuine consideration during this pandemic time. I have a very weak immune system and he has been so considerate to take extra precautions to keep me safe. I recently injured my self and went in for my normal appointment. I explained what I did. He did a few adjustments to my back, and put a laser therapy on my injured area. I could not believe the difference even with just one treatment!! I could move and breath the next day almost like nothing had happened. If you are looking for an awesome chiropractor, who is trained in many aspects of chiropractic care, and just a genuinely kind Dr, I would recommend Dr. Ferris!!! He's great!!!!
Elizabeth HewittElizabeth Hewitt
21:32 14 Oct 20
Dr. Matthew was just fantastic. He took the time and was very thorough and explained everything very well. I felt very at ease with him and able to ask any questions that may have come up. I highly recommend! 👍
Samantha LinvilleSamantha Linville
16:12 01 Oct 20
I visited Dr. Matt's new facility and it was so nice. He was knowledgeable and quick and I felt a lot better after my visit. You will not be disappointed!
Brandon MyersBrandon Myers
16:55 06 Mar 20
Dr. Matt did a great job for me and my family. He took the time to make sure we were taken care of properly. He provided great care and helped us schedule to where we could make it work financially as well.
Pearl HerronPearl Herron
01:43 06 Mar 20
It is so hard to explain or Express my gratitude for discovering Simply Chiropractic! I have efforted endlessly for years until 3 weeks ago. I am essentially pain free for the 1st time in years and am given an actual timeline and truly feel a sence of real hope and overall "Wellbeing" Thank you Dr. Ferris S.P. Herron
Kelli YeagerKelli Yeager
23:26 05 Mar 20
The BEST chiropractor around. I feel so much better when I leave. Dr Matt has us do exercises during the appointment, the adjustment, & a warm rolling bed that goes over my spine and muscles. I feel like a new person when I leave. Seriously the best!
Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor
22:31 05 Mar 20
I have had an excellent experience with Dr. Ferris and his staff. Everyone is friendly, kind, and courteous. My quality of life has increased exponentially since seeking chiropractic care with Dr. Ferris.
rachel wilkersonrachel wilkerson
13:29 08 Oct 19
I have been suffering for years with excruciating upper neck pain which almost always gave me a migraine to go along with it. After just 1 treatment from Dr Ferris I had a major improvement and with only 5 treatments I am virtually pain free and haven't had a migraine in 2 weeks. Prior to visiting Dr Ferris I was needing imitrex at least a couple times a week to deal with my pain. I highly recommend Dr Ferris if you have any upper neck issues and definitely for managing migraines. I've also noticed improvement with my sinuses. Great all around experience. Everyone in the office is very friendly and helpful. So thankful I found Dr Ferris. I drive almost 2 hours one way to get to his office and it is well worth it.
Jen ReeseJen Reese
15:40 04 Oct 19
I have been seeing Dr. Ferris for only a few weeks now and I am already amazed at how far I’ve come. He has helped me improve my orthotics and has pin-pointed my neck and back issues. I am also extremely impressed with the results from my laser therapy. I highly recommend Dr. Ferris and his entire team.
Stephanie BentzelStephanie Bentzel
23:34 04 Sep 19
I had bad nausea after getting a concussion. It got to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed for almost a week. A friend told me to see a NUCCA chiropractor. Dr. Ferris got rid of my nausea after the first visit! I am really happy with the healing that is taking place. I highly recommend Simply Chiropractic.
Earon DavisEaron Davis
17:34 23 Nov 13
I have seen Dr. Ferris numerous times over the past year and have found him to be extremely helpful, professional and a good value. I highly recommend him and Simply Chiropractic. Their office space is very pleasant and professional, also.