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Feeling the world spin when you’re firmly grounded is an unnerving sensation. Many in Indianapolis can attest to such experiences, often leading to concerns about their health and well-being. Does the city’s bustling life play a role in triggering vertigo? Or could it be the weather changes? Understanding the top triggers can guide appropriate care and ensure that you enjoy lasting vertigo relief in Indianapolis. Also, we encourage you to read up to the last section to understand the key role of your posture in ensuring smooth vestibular function.

#1. Seasonal Changes

Indianapolis residents are well-acquainted with the city’s dramatic seasonal variations. These swift transitions, especially between winter and spring or summer and fall, can affect the inner ear. 

#2. Busy City Life

The dynamic environment of Indianapolis, characterized by its high-rise buildings, flashing neon signs, relentless traffic, and general urban cacophony, might inadvertently contribute to your dizzying spells and vertigo episodes. 

#3. Sports and Recreational Activities

Locals in Indianapolis love to partake in plenty of exciting activities each year. Examples include engaging in water sports, trekking, cycling, and playing in water parks. Unfortunately, sometimes, these lead to abrupt head movements or minor traumas to the neck. These unexpected jolts can increase your risk of developing atlas subluxation – a leading trigger of vertigo episodes and a myriad of other health mishaps.

#4. Ear Infections

The city’s varying humidity and temperature levels might render its inhabitants more susceptible to ear infections. Such infections, particularly labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis, have vertigo as a notable symptom.

#5. Postural Problems 

Modern lifestyles have seen an increase in poor posture habits. The neck often bears the brunt, whether it’s constant smartphone usage, long hours at a desk job, or even seemingly innocuous activities like gardening. This strain can also impact your atlas and axis bones, increasing risks for postural misalignment that lead to unlevelled shoulders and hips, vertigo, stiff neck, and a whole lot more other health problems.


Upper Cervical Care: Your Partner in Revitalizing Your Body

The connection between vertigo and the upper cervical region of the spine is profound. That’s because this specific section of the spine houses the brainstem and offers a critical link between our brain and the rest of the body. Think of the upper cervical spine as the body’s communication highway. Messages won’t travel correctly if there’s a block or detour, causing disarray.

Additionally, any misalignment in the upper cervical region can disrupt nerve function and cerebral blood flow and excess fluid drainage in the ears, leading to a multitude of issues, vertigo being a prominent one. 

This is where Upper Cervical Care steps in, offering a precise and targeted solution. Upper Cervical Care zeroes in on the two most susceptible vertebral bones, helping the entire spine shift back to its normal and neutral alignment.

vertigo relief in Indianapolis

Time To Explore a Holistic Path To Achieving Vertigo Relief In Indianapolis

Taking the step towards holistic healing requires trust in the expertise you seek. Dr. Matthew Ferris of Elite Spinal Care in Indianapolis, IN, offers specialized care in Upper Cervical adjustments. He specifically practices the NUCCA technique, a gentle technique that helps ease displaced neck bones after a traumatic injury or due to poor posture. With years of experience, he understands the intricacies of vertigo and the profound impact of cervical alignment on your overall health and well-being.

By choosing to consult with Dr. Ferris, you’re opting for a comprehensive approach to your health. It’s not just about treating symptoms; it’s about understanding the body, promoting healing, and preventing future episodes.

We know that vertigo can be unsettling and affect the quality of life. Hopefully, our guide helped you understand some of the leading triggers and how to manage your symptoms. However, to truly address this issue, considering your body’s structural and functional aspects, particularly the upper cervical region, is vital.

Take charge of your well-being. Experience the potential benefits of Upper Cervical Care. Dr. Ferris awaits at Elite Spinal Care in Indianapolis, ready to guide you toward balance and health. Book your appointment today!


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