Laser Rehabilitative Therapy

We are very pleased to offer such a profoundly effective therapeutic option to address numerous conditions that otherwise can be stubborn to improve, stablilize and manage. The therapy has been around for over 50 years and has over 7,000 pub med research articles alluding to the different conditions and uses of low level laser therapy, also called cold laser. We believe that this tool will become ever increasingly popular for a low-invasive option for treating conditions. The reason we believe that very few people in our country know about this option is because mainstream medical providers have been stuck firmly in the arena of drugs/medications, injections, and surgery as their go to options for treatment. However, in other countries where the expenses of those current 3 medical options are too expensive and have caused such countries to think outside the conventional box.

So, what is this laser therapy and how does it work? Well, check out the following videos!

Neck and Shoulder video:

Low back video:

Foot Pain video: