65 year old patient with constant intense low back pain (8/10 intensity) that radiated down right leg came to our office seeking a solution so he could stop popping pain medication to temporarily give relief. After 3rd visit pain was reduced to 5/10, after 6th visit no more shooting pain and by 6 weeks the pain was reduced to an episodic dull/stiffness…needless to say the patient was very pleased with the conservative care option that consisted of chiropractic, cold laser therapy, active in office and at home rehab, customized 3-arch support foot orthotics and VAX- decompression therapy of the lower spine. As you can see by the pictures below, this patient had significant compression of the last disc (L5/S1) and that the pelvis was higher on the left (green horizontal line) by 13.49mm than the right pelvis (red horizontal line) and the femur was higher on the left by 8.76mm.