A patient came to us who was constantly having back pain when running and wanted a conservative care option instead of continuing to use over the counter and prescription medication for the pain. The patient also noted frustration over not being able to go running as often or for as long of a run. After imaging lower back and pelvis to discover that her ilium were torqued and misaligned (left xray) and her left femur was 8 mm higher than the right. Not only does that put her at a higher risk for arthritis of both hips, but in this case was also causing the inflammation in the lower back and hip region. Upon chiropractic adjustments of the pelvis and lumbar spine as well as adding 3-arch custom orthotics to her shoes, you can see that the pelvis and femur discrepancy was completely resolved (right xray) without adding any lifts to her shoes. When wearing her orthotics her feet will contact the ground like the optimal scan (on the left) rather than how her feet were contacting ground (right scan)

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